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Tortoiseshell Female Persian Kitten

Breeding and raising the most excellent Persian kittens

We are breeders of Doll-Faced Persian Kittens located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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The tale of Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz

Family of Persian Cats

We're so confident that all of our kittens are perfect, that kittens from Fluffy Persians Cattery come with a health guarantee.


If any of our Persian kittens have any of the listed health issues, we'll return your money and pay for the veterinary fees.

Health Guarantee

Our kittens are perfect or your money back.

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Group of Persian Kittens

Get to Know Us!

Fluffy Persians is an FIV, FeLV, FIP, PKD, and Ringworm-free cattery. Our cattery is designed to provide Persian kittens of the greatest quality. Our kittens are given plenty of love and attention from the day they are born to when they finally reach their forever homes.

The kittens are given free range, and never caged. And go through a training program to ensure they are fully weaned and litterbox trained. We go to great lengths to make sure our Persian kittens brighten up any home they eventually go to.

 Fluffy Persians is a cattery offering long-hair, doll-face Persian kittens operating out of Michigan.

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