Frequently Asked Questions

Breeding Questions

CFA/TICA Registration: We do not provide CFA or TICA registration for any of our kittens.

Do you offer breeding rights?: No. Our kittens are intended to be pets only.


Kitten Questions

Any Himalayan Kittens?: Yes, we will occasionally have Himalayan kittens available.

What is a Pointed Persian?: Pointed coloration, colorpoint, and Himalayan are different ways of saying the same thing. These kittens are all a sub-breed of the standard Persian cat. Cats with pointed coloration will have colored fur on their face, ears, legs, and tail while the rest of their body is without color.

Any White Kittens?: No, we won't have any all-white kittens. The closest we may get is a cream-point.

Any Peke Faced Persians?: No, all of our kittens are doll-faced.

Why does my kitten have blue eyes?: Kittens are all born with blue eyes. As they get older, the color will change to what we've described them as.


What color kittens will you have available in the next litter?: While we can't definitely say what each litter will bring, we can use genetics and statistics to make a reasonable prediction to what will be available. 


Pricing Questions


How do you price the kittens?: Our kittens are priced based off season, gender, color, and overall demand. Usually between $750-$1200.

Can I haggle on price?: No. Price listed is final.

Reservations/Deposits: We don't take deposits or reservations. We prefer to operate on a first-come basis and put people interested in our kittens on a waitlist when making their first inquiry.

I want a kitten, where can we meet?: We ask for all folks interested in taking one of our kittens home to meet us in Kalamazoo. 

Do you accept checks?: No, we prefer to deal in cash. We'll be adding credit card options in the future. Protection Status