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The Epic Tale of Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz 

Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz

His Royal Puffiness

Behind those cool copper eyes is the heart of a warrior, poet, and probably a king.

His legendary battle against the vacuum cleaner is second only to the Odyssey, tales of his heroism are known across the midwestern United States. Villains and ne'er-do-wells quickly ran to the shadows rather than face the righteous fury of the fluffy one.

After evil had been vanquished and his days of adventuring came to an end, he decided to settle down and marry his first wife, Baby Junior, in holy cat-rimony.

Though his days of adventuring are long past, from his cardboard box, Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz remains vigilant should evil ever return to the land.

Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz is of a pure Persian breed and is the exclusive stud for our cattery. He is a doll-face with specific genetic characteristics that are responsible for the variety of coat colors our kittens may have.

Similarly to other Persian males, he is extremely docile and affectionate; the quintessential lapcat, he has provided us with the sweetest kittens imaginable.


The Purr Machine

Behold, Beebees! 

Beebees (or just Beebs) is known for one thing: purring on contact. Why? Nobody really knows, but one finger is all it takes and the whole room will start to echo.


Legends say that Beebs' powers are derived from this purring, comparable to the biblical Samson's hair. If the purrs were to stop, then we believe the Earth will no longer spin. It is our responsibility to make sure the purrs continue for the continued survival of mankind.


This cat is exceptionally affectionate, more than any of our other cats. Beebees will usually have no idea what is going on, but just goes with the flow.

Beebs is a flame-point and will primarily have red or pointed kittens.

Cat Family
Baby Junior

Heart of a Warrior

Baby Junior, also known as Momma June, was the first female added to our cattery.


She continues the warrior-queen traditions of her ancestors and has slain thousands of flies and other insects. Momma June's strategies and tactics have been emulated and adapted over the years by notable figures including Sun Tzu, Hannibal, and Von Clausewitz. She is known for baiting fingers and hands into a false sense of security with belly rubs.

While she is now retired from warfare, she instils ferocious loyalty and honor in her kittens. We have kept her for all these years as she has an excellent maternal instinct and continues to provide families with the fluffiest kittens. Her best friend is Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz.

She is a tortie-point, and most of her kittens will also be pointed.

Baby Teensy

Sink Sleeper

The bathroom sink was invented in 2020 by Baby Teensy for the singular purpose of comfortable sleep. Hand washing is not the intended purpose and is an adulteration of the original design.

All sinks belong to Baby Teensy. From Marrakesh to Miami, if it is porcelain and wet, then you have entered her kingdom. And yes, there is a toll. You can leave the treats at the door, someone will be there to pick them up.

Baby Teensy was once a baby and she was also tiny. She was named so to avoid any confusion as she is approximately 95% fluff, 4% cat, and 1 % treats.

She is the newest addition to our cattery. As she is a blue-cream tortie, most of her kittens will also be cream or blue.

Baby Keem

Made for Lovin'

First, Baby Keem is made for lovin'. Second, her floof coat is made for petting. In the most simple terms, Baby Keem is a fluffball that demands constant attention and cuddles. Everything else is just extra. 

If, in a hypothetical sense, your home was burning down, she would still require petting (priority number one). This cat is a true friend and loves everyone. She is most content sitting in someone's lap, and she is even happier when she pushes Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz out of the way to steal his cuddle time.

She is a Brown Patch Tabby and is the only Peke-Faced female in our cattery. Her kittens will have more extreme facies and will primarily be solid or tabby.

Tarek Tabbara

That's Me!

Hi, I'm Tarek and I run Fluffy Persians Cattery. My responsibilities include handling and breeding the cats as well as managing all of our social media and this website. Inquiries for our kittens will reach me personally.

I've been breeding cats since 2018. I also have experience with a variety of animal species including rodents, canines, and non-human primates since 2016.

My educational background is in Biology, Philosophy, and Healthcare.

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