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About Fluffy Persians Cattery

Since 2018, we've been committed to breeding and raising only the most extraordinary kittens for families to bring into their homes.

We love and care for all our feline companions and have taken on a mission to spread the joy brought by this remarkable breed to other households.

We chose Persian cats not only for their luxurious coats, but also for their gentle personalities. Our studs and queens are carefully selected so our kittens are pleasing to your eyes and heart.

Our Story

Fluffy Persians is a knowledgeable and ethical animal breeder.

If we're not breeding the most excellent kittens, we're not doing our job.

Health Guarantee

Your kitten is perfect or your money back!

All of our kittens are guaranteed to be in the best physical condition.


Stay updated with all our latest ideas and suggestions for best breeding practices!


Fluffy Persians seeks to keep You informed about all the details regarding purchasing a kitten from us.


Since we started in 2018, some of our kittens are now fully grown adults.


See what people have to say about us and their pets!

Our Friends

We all do better when we work together, that's why Fluffy Persians has so many friends.


Go check out their pages too!

Teaching Life Lessons

Every pet has a story, and ours is like many others. We were enamored by the Persian cat breed and wanted to share this luxury breed with others at an affordable price. Our experience with animals goes beyond cats; we have been involved with a various of rodent species, rabbits, dogs, and primates. Simply put, we like animals.

So why do we breed Persian cats specifically? Because they are excellent teachers.

Deciding to care for and raise a cat sends a message about what you choose to identify as. It teaches proper values and responsibility. We choose to breed only the most excellent kittens and benefit our community. We stand for moral responsibility and provide families the same opportunity by adopting from us.

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