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Become An
Affiliated Breeder

Interested in working with Fluffy Persians? We are currently accepting applications for Midwestern cat breeders to join our Affiliate Breeder Program.

Application Process


Download and Complete an Application

We want to get to know you! Our Affiliate Breeder Application is simple and easy to fill out. You can send your completed application directly to our email or use the form below. Make sure your application is in PDF format.


Application Review

We'll review your application file and determine if you are a good fit for Fluffy Persians. Certain candidates will be invited to complete a virtual interview with one of our representatives. Once your interview is complete, you will receive a decision as to whether we will admit you into our Affiliate Breeder Program.


Veterinary Information

Once you receive an invitation to join our program, the last step before becoming a Fluffy Persians Affiliate is to send us the veterinary information about your pets. We ensure all cats and kittens adopted from Fluffy Persians are healthy, and their parents are well cared for.


Join Our Program

We're ready to start working together! Once you have kittens, we'll work on finding a suitable family to adopt your pets. This only takes a few weeks, so expect your pet to find its new family soon.


Receive Your Payment

You'll receive a portion of the proceeds whenever we sell one of your kittens through the program. We'll send your payment directly to your bank account 1-2 weeks after your pet finds their new home.

Affiliate Breeder Application

Fluffy Persians Cattery, LLC specializes in breeding and raising Persian kittens. Our commitment to the ethical treatment of animals and reciprocal partnerships reflects our mission to make Michigan the premier state for families to adopt cats and kittens.

This program is only available for exotic cat breeders operating in the Lower Peninsula, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio.

Applicants may alternatively submit a completed Affiliate Breeder Application to our email at Photos of active breeding adults may be attached to your application.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Basic familiarity with feline temperament, behavior, and characteristics.

  • Minimum of one active male and one active female adult cat.

  • Up-to-date health and wellness of all animals owned, including vaccinations. Veterinary records must be presented for evaluation.

  • Basic familiarity with photography.

Upload Application

Thank you for submitting your application. We'll be in touch soon!

Program Details

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