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No More Kittens :(

Kittens are not currently available. Next litter in February. Ask to be put on our Mailing List to get the latest updates!

Don't be sad, we'll have a new litter soon. Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz will be having kittens with our blue-cream tortoiseshell female.

Potential kitten colors in the next litter:

  • Cream (Light Orange)

  • Cream-Point

  • Black

  • Seal-Point

  • Blue (Gray)

  • Blue-Point

  • Tortoiseshell

  • Tortie-Point

  • Blue-Cream Tortoiseshell

  • Blue-Cream Tortie-Point

  • Red (Orange)

  • Flame-Point

Ethical breeding practices requires us to ensure that our queens are healthy and capable enough of having a new litter.

Check out our previous kittens and find a color that best interests you!

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