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Waitlist is Open!

Kittens are not currently available. Our next litter is coming soon. Complete the Adoption Application and join our Mailing List to get the latest updates!

Don't be sad, we'll have a new litter soon. Monsieur Fuzz-Fuzz will be having kittens with one of our Tortie-Point females.

Want to join the waitlist and adopt one of our Kittens? Just reach out to us and we can add you! No prepayment needed.

Potential kitten colors in the next litter:

  • Tortoiseshell

  • Tortie-Point

  • Blue-Cream Tortoiseshell

  • Blue-Cream Tortie-Point

  • Red (Orange)

  • Flame-Point

  • Cream (Light Orange)

  • Cream-Point

  • Black

  • Seal-Point

  • Blue (Gray)

  • Blue-Point

Ethical breeding practices requires us to ensure that our queens are healthy and capable enough of having a new litter.

Check out our previous kittens and find a color that best interests you!

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