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Returns Policy

Updated on April 6, 2021

Fluffy Persians Cattery (Fluffy Persians) is so convinced that you will absolutely love Your kitten, that We offer a three-day money back guarantee. In the event that You are not satisfied with your purchase from Fluffy Persians, this policy describes how we process returns and refunds.


Fluffy Persians will accept returns and refunds on kittens purchased up to three days from the date of purchase. Returns and refunds requested after three days from the date of purchase will only be accepted in the case of circumstances outlined in Our Health Guarantee Policy.

Health Guarantee Policy Refunds

Fluffy Persians will accept returns and refunds on kittens up to thirty days from the date of purchase if the kitten meets the criteria as listed under Our Health Guarantee Policy.

Process of Returns and Refunds

In the event that a return and refund is accepted, We require a written explanation for the reason of refund. You will be required to visit Fluffy Persians at the location You had purchased the kitten and must bring the kitten purchased. The kitten must be returned to Fluffy Persians in the same or better condition that the kitten was purchased. If the kitten is in any way, shape, or form in a worse condition than they were at the date of purchase, no return or refund will be given. At the location, Fluffy Persians will refund Your money in the manner that You had purchased the kitten with.

Fluffy Persians will not reimburse You for purchases You had made when preparing to take the kitten. This includes any Veterinary Consultation, vaccination, accessories, toys, litterbox, food, scratch posts, etc.

Refunds on Products Purchased with Prepayment Deposits

Fluffy Persians will not return or refund any products or services that originally were reserved for a later date using a prepayment deposit except in the case of our Health Guarantee Policy. 

Contact Information

If You have any questions about this Return Policy, You can contact us by email at

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