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Shipping Policy

Updated on February 23, 2024

Fluffy Persians Cattery can arrange pet relocation services for customers interested in purchasing one of our pets and shipping them across the continental United States. This service is provided by a non-affiliated third party capable of scheduling a pet nanny to transport one of our kittens to a different state via airline cabin travel and ground transportation. These pet relocators will deliver one of our pets to a residence within the destination city.

With current airfare, fuel and logistics costs, pet relocation is cost-prohibitive for many customers. For example, the estimated cost of shipping a kitten from Michigan to the West Coast will likely exceed $2,000. Note that this estimate does not include the necessary veterinary fees and certification required for airline shipping of animals. In view of these expenses, it is advisable for our customers residing outside of the Midwest to arrange travel and move their pets on their own.

The process for pet relocation requires Fluffy Persians Cattery to obtain an estimate from a third party for the cost of this service. This estimate will include travel in an airline-approved carrier with a pet specialist trained in animal first aid. Fluffy Persians Cattery will manage the required veterinary consultation and vaccinations before the departure date. The total cost for all expenses relating to arranging pet relocation will be the sole responsibility of the customer interested in purchasing this service.

Fluffy Persians Cattery will require a non-refundable $500 prepayment deposit 14 days before the departure date. Full payment for the pet shipped, including all related expenses, is due at least ten days before departure. Fluffy Persians Cattery will not offer returns or refunds for any of our pets shipped, including returns or refunds related to our Health Guarantee Policy.

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